Pakistan’s Releases Its First Ever Superhero Movie- ‘Project Ghazi’

It’s not incorrect to call present time the era of superhero movies. Around 30 superhero movies are to be released in the next five years. As each studio explores sub-genres in these movies, people gain more and more interest in them. This rise in popularity is certainly due to the success of this franchise, and this has led to the demand for more.

About The Movie

Recently, Pakistan has also stepped aboard this platform to make its first superhero movie named ‘Project Ghazi’. The story revolves around an advanced soldier project and spans over a period of 20 years. There will be elements of espionage and spy genres as well, and it will be something along the lines of The Bourne Identity. The movie will have a touch of patriotism as well.

All three primary roles will appear as superheroes in their own unique way.

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The director, Nadir Shah, hopes that it will be appealing to all comic-book and superhero fans. 40% of the movie has been shot, and is expected to release next year.

Here’s the Project Ghazi teaser for you to check out:

Sources: The Express TribuneBrand Synario

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