4 Ways Jessica Jones Could Have Met Matt Murdock On ‘The Defenders’

The Defenders is currently streaming on Netflix and is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with an 83% critic score. We saw each of New York’s heroes fight individual battles against their own foes, but now they’ll have to unite to take down the biggest threat they’ve ever faced. The group comprises of Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand (Iron Fist), and has save their city from ‘The Hand’- the evil organization that was showcased before in Daredevil and Iron Fist.

Although we know that Matt reaches out to Jessica as an attorney in The Defenders and helps her get out of custody, following are four ways hinted in the standalone series through which the two characters could have met:

1. Claire Temple/Night Nurse

In Daredevil, we see Rosario Dawson playing a version of the character that is a composite of Claire Temple and Night Nurse. The most foreseeable way through which Jessica and Matt could have encountered one another is through his former love interest – Claire. We see Claire in the episode AKA Smile of Jessica Jones. In a particular scene she tells Jones about Matt. Jones may have decides that she could use some help from the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Claire has also appeared in Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

2. Will Simpson/Nuke

Will Simpson is a police officer who wanted to help Jessica in taking down Kilgrave. Though Nuke is a Wolverine villain with the name of Frank Simpson, Will shares quite too many attributes with him, which leads us to believe that he might be the Nuke of MCU. Apart from the same surnames, Nuke was visited by a doctor who gave him red, white and blue pills just like Doctor Kozlov gave to Will. His lighter with the pattern of an American flag further assists this fact.

How is Daredevil related to this? Well, Nuke was hired by Kingpin in his first comic book appearance, who is in custody and pretty much alive. Jones could have found a trail leading to Daredevil while investigating Nuke.

3. The Business Card

In a Jessica Jones promo, we see Jessica at a bar savoring her booze when she reaches a business card that says “Nelson and Murdock-Attorneys at Law“. Jessica could have thought that the attorneys might be handy for helping her out in a case.

4. Matt Needed A Partner

It was also quite possible that Murdock reached out to Jessica to help him out in his vigilante business. News about her heroism has spread throughout NYC since her final battle with Kilgrave, and Claire has met her so he probably knows about her too. Fighting crime could have been a lot easier for Matt if Jessica were around to give him a helping hand.

Which other way of Matt meeting Jessica seemed to be the most plausible? Comment Away!


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