Deadpool vs Doctor Strange: Who Won The Marketing Game In 2016?

Film marketing plays a tremendous role in determining whether a movie will be successful or not. Whether it’s the advertisement, publicity or promotional deals with partner companies, marketing regulates the fate of a movie. The internet has become a great marketing tool in the film industry as well, with social websites and fan sites constantly promoting respective films. As of 2016, pretty good marketing campaigns have been seen for various films. However, two movies that stood out against the others were coincidentally both superhero movies- Deadpool and Doctor Strange. Both their marketing teams followed a unique and creative approach whilst using every source of advertisement available cleverly. But now the questions surfaces that which of these two campaigns is superior to the other. Let’s take a look and compare the key elements of their marketing.

1. Posters

The Deadpool posters were brilliantly crafted and provided something different for the viewers as compared to common posters. These included the three main posters, the ones with Deadpool potraits and of course, the deceiving Valentine’s Day ones. Just take a look at these beauties.

Doctor Strange on the other hand, had its own distinct sense of the main posters, and gave a clever touch to the individual character posters by tilting the characters and showing different background locations to depict altering reality.

Winner: Deadpool. You cannot simply beat Deadpool wearing a sweater over his costume.

2. Videos

Deadpool hit audiences with a great many trailers, clips and spots to keep them on the edge of their seats waiting eagerly to watch the movie. These videos were extremely awesome and surprisingly hilarious.

Take a look at when Deadpool tried to convince us to watch the movie in IMAX:

Then when he tried to convince girlfriends everywhere that this was actually a romance movie:

That time when he assembled the X-Men for Halloween:

And then there was this ‘Superb Owl’ TV Spot:

Doctor Strange brought with it its own set of mind-bending trailers and clips. The ‘Time’ TV Spot was truly an unparalleled idea as it still makes sense when seen in reverse.

This Upside Down TV spot is extraordinary as well:

Then there’s our doctor inspecting the injuries that occurred in Captain America: Civil War:

Winner: Deadpool. The massive amount of these epic videos released kept us constantly excited for the upcoming movie.

3. Social Websites

Social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become a great means of film promotion as well. Official movie pages constantly post news regarding the movie to keeps fans hyped. Deadpool Movie’s Twitter account and Ryan Reynolds himself did a great job in accomplishing this task by constantly posting humorous tweets about the movie.

Doctor Strange took it upon its Facebook page to post original and unique ideas like these.

Winner: Doctor Strange. It’s one thing to add funny captions, and a whole other to come up with concepts like these.

4. Screenings

Screenings also play an important role in telling how good a movie is, as fans get to see what they should expect from it. However at one Deadpool screening, the viewers were rewarded by Ryan Reynolds as they got to see the full movie, when in fact they thought they were going to see a few bonus clips.

Doctor Strange arranged a few screenings as well with a 15 minute preview in IMAX.

Winner: Deadpool, duh.

5. Unique Banners

The ‘DEAD-POO-L’ banner immediately caught the attention of people everywhere because of its inventiveness. Simple yet marvelous.

Scott Derrickson himself revealed this amazing banner which shows Benedict Cumberbatch seeming to warp through the side of a parking lot. It’s a genius idea that certainly increased my hype for the film.

Winner: Doctor Strange. The way the banner uses a real-life location to contribute to its message really says something about the movie’s brilliant marketing.

6. Other

Creating the ‘Deadpool Clickbait Website’ as a marketing tool was another wonderful idea by its marketing team. It was a funny thing to do and definitely aided in promoting the movie.

On the other hand, days before the release of Doctor Strange, all the official MCU pages on Facebook inverted their Profile and Cover photos to hint towards the trippy movie that was about to hit theaters. This was another idea that was simple yet effective.

The Doctor Strange team also put interactive software on the streets of Los Angeles and London for people to have fun with.

Winner: Doctor Strange. Both the ideas were fairly creative and more effort was put into them.

Despite one movie being grander to the other in a specific genre of marketing, nonetheless it is suffice to say that both of them did a bad-ass job.

Who won the marketing game in 2016 in your opinion? Comment away!


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