4 After-Events That Should Be Included In The MCU Post Captain America: Civil War

It’s been eight years since Iron Man was first released in 2008. Since then, Marvel Studios strives to make a cinematic universe with a flawless timeline. Today, it has attained a widely valued position in the movie industry and is planning to keep it that way. The journey into Phase 3 was instigated with a blast with the release of Captain America: Civil War. Though Marvel Studios has ventured into numerous emotional genres before, the stark grittiness and solidity in the 2016 blockbuster intimates at the gist Marvel Studios will likely adapt for more of its Phase 3 films.

Captain America: Civil War saw the end of the Avengers as a unified team because of their difference in ideologies. This eventually led to them fighting one another. The conflict left everyone on the team crippled emotionally and psychologically. Half of them have been forced to work under government control whereas the rest are fugitives from the law. It would be unrealistic not to encounter ripples of this dissension throughout Phase 3. Underlining its after-effects would not only signify the gravity of the incidents of Civil War but also contribute to future story-telling. Below are listed four events that should be included in the MCU post Captain America: Civil War.

4. Earth’s Not So Mightiest Heroes

The Avengers are seriously damaged and distorted especially after Civil War. Thor and Bruce Banner were nowhere to be seen since even before it happened. Half of them are considered to be criminals whereas the rest have endured hardships as well. This means that while half of them are being forced to surrender themselves, the rest cannot function properly either because of the mental stress they have had in the past. The heroes who have signed the Sokovia Accords would continue to kick ass as usual. But with half of their friends missing, they should seem a bit distracted. An incident to foreshadow this loophole in the team would be interesting to experience.

When should this happen? In my book, this could be best portrayed at the start of Avengers: Infinity War, when the world needs the Avengers to unite once again.

3. Sokovia Accords Become Law

Following the events of NYC, Washington, Sokovia and Lagos, the Sokovia Accords are now officially considered international law in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These documents suggest that any enhanced individuals will now operate under the supervision of the United Nations in order to secure world peace, otherwise they will be arrested. Not only does this apply for the Avengers, but any super-powered person. It also had an impact on the superheroes working for S.H.I.E.L.D. as seen in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3. After the ratification of the Accords, the President sent General Talbot of the ATCU to convince S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Director Phil Coulson to register all “undocumented enhanced assets” working for him.

This concept can be further pursued after the Avengers’ squabble in Germany. It would be more than obvious to say that this must have worsened the situation and heightened the need of the nations to control these individuals. Thus, superheroes around the world being forced to sign the Sokovia Accords is expected after Civil War and should be manifested in the MCU.

When should this happen? This would be best if shown in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel Studio’s Netflix shows. The government was already demanding the registration of enhanced S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, thus it would make sense if they used force against them if they refused to comply. The Defenders won’t stop defending their city as well, and operating without government supervision means trouble for them too.

2. Wakanda’s Welly

After Zemo framed Bucky, he is seen as a terrorist at large who is responsible for bombing the United Nations meeting in Vienna, murdering King T’ Chaka of Wakanda and numerous other crimes. It’s obvious that governments of the world want him desperately and would want to capture him at all costs. Him being in Wakanda means that the country is in imminent of an invasion.

Steve Rogers: “You know if they find out he’s here, they’ll come for him.”

T’ Challa: “Let them try.”

Inserting this kind of breach in the MCU would be quite convenient. First, it would prove to be an excellent way to show the true power of Wakanda. The Wakandan military ceasing an undercover espionage mission sent by the UN in order to retrieve Bucky would not only spotlight the skill of Wakanda’s army, but would also be to epic to watch on-screen. T’ Challa seems to be extremely confident regarding the defense of his country and we need to know why. Second, it would exhibit how desirous the UN is to capture Bucky and other superhero fugitives.

When should this happen? The Black Panther movie is the obvious choice to include this event. Showing such an attack somewhere early in the film will establish the true potential of the Wakandan nation.

1. Spider-Man’s Homecoming

Although Spider-Man: Homecoming mostly focused on Peter’s college life, Tony Stark had had a pretty substantial role in it. Apart from acting as a mentor, what could Tony possibly want for Peter? It seems to me that he wants to direct him towards the correct path in his crime-fighting journey. Stark realizes that Peter is working without authorization and can get into trouble if caught. Therefore, he simply wants him to sign the Sokovia Accords so that he can operate safely under government supervision.

As shown in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony wants to recruit Peter as an Avenger, for now which it’s necessary to sign the Accords. Although Peter refused the offer for now, I think this would make an interesting premise for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, as Peter will have to decide whether to agree with Mr. Stark or protect his true identity.

When should this happen? The evident answer is Spider-Man: Homecoming 2.

Captain America: Civil War changed the state of the MCU dramatically and it would be plausible to present it that way in Phase 3.

Which occurrence would you like to see the most? Comment below!


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