5 Reasons Why Marvel and ABC’s ‘Damage Control’ Could Actually Work

*This article contains minor spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming.*

Although there hasn’t been much news recently about the half-hour comedy TV series Marvel Studios was developing in collaboration with ABC, there is a good chance the show may thrive if the studios go with it. In the comics, Damage Control is a construction company whose job is to repair property damage caused by superhero and super-villain conflicts. The employees have met many superheroes and villains. They have fought alongside the X-Men and have even met the Silver Surfer and Galactus.

Now there is a possibility that Damage Control might aid in the damage to the Marvel franchise, however, there’s also a good chance that it might work really well for Marvel due to these facts:

1. Destruction Explained

Seriously! Who's gonna pay for that?
Seriously, who is going to pay for that?
A major flaw in superhero movies is that although the crashes and ‘Booms’ in them are great, the aftermath of battles are not shown properly. Everything turns out good in the end, and everybody ignores the fact that a lot of damage to property and life has taken place. Damage Control may fill up that gap as we’ll see detailed outcomes of various fights that cannot be shown in the movies.

2. It’s a Comedy

Marvel has given us tons of laughter in its movies. The sudden unexpected puns that we see in somewhat serious situations is its specialty. But can it deal with a fully fledged comedy? In my opinion, if it does the job of making the audience laugh in the movies perfectly, it might also do it in a comedy series.

3. Superhero Cameos

"Look at Mr. Smiles over here."-Rocket
“Look at Mr. Smiles over here.”-Rocket

There would be capacity for quite a few superhero cameos in Damage Control. We may also witness the aftershock of past battles. A flashback of the Hulk rampaging on Chitauri monsters during the NYC battle, or Iron Man talking to the company head about important issues would be fun to watch.

4. DC already exists in the MCU3255806-11.jpg

Damage Control already exists in the MCU, which means there is no need to further frame it up. Spider-Man: Homecoming a nod to Damage Control on a couple of occasions throughout the movie. This opens the possibility of a Damage Control series to focus more on the working of the organization rather than setting up a place for it to exist in the MCU.

5. It’s MarvelNewmarvelstudioslogo

Marvel always has a way of making things work (well, most of the time). Its venture into the gritty world was a huge success. Marvel’s Netflix series are relatively darker when compared to the movies, but they turned out to be outstanding. A plunge into pure comedy might work as well.

Do you think Marvel should take a step forward with Damage Control? Comment away!


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